John & Jessica

UPDATE!! John & Jessica are now a family of 3! They were matched with an expectant mom earlier this summer and their son was born in early August. So exciting!!

I met Jessica a few months ago because a mutual friend connected us (thanks, Kristin!). Jessica and John were just getting started on their adoption journey and were looking for adoptive families to connect with. It turns out they live only about 2 miles from us! We met up one night to chat and I'm so glad we did! I've now been able to hang out with John and Jessica a few times, both for their profile and socially. They are kind, fun-loving, and thoughtful and I am so thankful that God made our paths cross.

I love their style and it was so fun creating their profile. Sometimes it feels like the profile just creates itself and this was one of those times. I am especially pleased with their 'about' pages! These are some of my favorite that I've ever done. 

View the pdf file HERE

FREE Mother's Day Printables!

Hey fellow Mommas! Please enjoy these free printable downloads as a small Mother's Day gift from me to you. Feel free to share this link with friends. 

Printables are sized to 8 x 10 and include a full-bleed. Just click on the image to access a pdf file that you can save. For personal use only. 


PS: I would LOVE it if you left a comment to let me know you if you like them or just to say hello! :) 

Kathleen & Gaetano

UPDATE: Kathleen & Gaetano are now a family of three! They have adopted a beautiful baby boy.

Kathleen & Gaetano are a fun and engaging couple who are hoping to adopt! I've had such a great time getting to know them and I love how their profile came out. They did a photo shoot with Kandace Photography and their photos are so amazing - they really helped make the book extra special!  

Take a look below or view the pdf HERE

Stephen & Jessie

UPDATE: Stephen & Jessie's family has officially grown! After a few months of waiting, they welcomed their new daughter into their family. I'm so excited for them!

Stephen and Jessie are some of my first clients that are out of state and I'm honored that they trusted me with their family profile. They were a joy to work with and they are such a fun and lively family!! I could not have asked for better clients. I truly enjoyed creating their profile and I can't wait to see it in print.

View the pdf version HERE

The Entrustment Ceremony

The Entrustment Ceremony

I asked my talented and thoughtful husband to write the next part of our story. Enjoy...

In the last entry, Dani described the third surprise of our adoption: the blessing and joy of open adoption. She perfectly articulated how the three days in our hospital with Baby Girl and Emily (birth mom) showed us that our family didn’t just grow with the addition of the little one, but also with the addition of Emily, who now has a special and important place in our family. 

John & Corrie


Corrie recently emailed me to let me know they had a match & placement! This is only 1 month after we finished their profile. I'm beyond excited for them and so thankful to be a small part of their adoption journey. 

It's been such a pleasure working with John and Corrie! They are fun, out-going, super adventurous, and basically just a joy to be around. They live a little far from me, but they had a mini-shoot with Kandace Photography so I got to meet them in person after talking over video chat and email. I hope their profile does a good job of representing their wonderful personalities and I can't wait for their family to grow! 

View the pdf version HERE.