The Baby Blue Footprints

We left off with Sheldon and I literally running through the entrance of the hospital, praying that we would make it before our baby was born. Read that post HERE

Are you ready? It's a long one! You might also want some tissues...

Our amazing adoption agency had made sure that the front desk knew we were coming so the hospital checked us through security in just minutes and instructed us to follow the baby blue footprints that lined the floor to the delivery wing. I remember thinking how fitting it was that we were following these blue footprints towards the baby boy we were expecting. 

We soon found the room that Emily was in and breathed a sigh of relief because we had made it just in time! Emily had amazed us once again by inviting us into the delivery room with her. She wanted us to help with the delivery! Sheldon and I ran to her side and joined the chaos. Emily was a champion and labored with poise and grace. Seriously. I don't know how she did it. I was freaking out just watching.

Just 20 minutes later (that's right, only 20 minutes!) the doctor told her to give just one more push and out came a perfect, beautiful, tiny baby. The doctor announced to the room "It's a... girl!" 

Wait, what?! 

Up until that very moment we had all been expecting a boy. All of us just looked around at each other for a moment as we realized what the doctor had told us. I was so amazed. I hadn't admitted it out loud to anyone but I had been praying for a girl during our whole adoption process but had forgotten about it in the midst of the excitement from our match with Emily and the baby boy she was expecting. What an amazing and surprising God we have!

Back to the birth story...

The doctor then handed scissors to Sheldon so that he could cut the umbilical cord. Emily had wanted Sheldon to be able to do this. I thought it was so kind of Emily, but before that moment I had also been wondering if Sheldon could handle it. I never should have doubted him, though. He handled it like a champ. 

Moments later, after they had checked out our baby, Emily insisted that I be the first to hold her. I'm tearing up just remembering how honored and humbled I felt at that moment. A nurse passed Baby Girl to me and I was IN LOVE. I knew in my mind that I would love an adopted child as much as a biological one, but it wasn't until she was in my arms that my heart knew it too. 

I offered to hand Baby Girl to Emily, but she wanted Sheldon to hold her next. She was seriously giving me a lesson in selflessness. Sheldon held her in his arms and I could see his heart melt. My sister Kandace had shown up sometime during all this and took this photo of us holding Baby Girl for the first time.

Wrapped up in that tiny bundle is our surprise baby girl!

Wrapped up in that tiny bundle is our surprise baby girl!

As we handed Baby Girl over to Emily to hold and admire, we frantically texted our family and friends who had been praying and supporting us. Here's a text that I sent to our dear friends Bridget and Tyler, who had been helping us come up with boy names just days before.

Sheldon had texted my mom and pop as I held Baby Girl and my mom thought he was joking! This was her 5th grandchild, but her FIRST granddaughter! 

During the few times we had met and talked before Baby Girl was born, Emily had expressed that she wanted us to name the baby. Sheldon and I felt the magnitude of this and wanted to choose something that honored and included Emily. Without going into detail, we decided to do that by choosing a name that started with 'C'.

Stay tuned for The Third Surprise, The Placement Ceremony, The New Complication and much more!