The Lesson I Learned While Waiting

This month marks the first time my husband and I will be celebrating National Adoption Month as adoptive parents and I had the opportunity to write a blog post for an amazing ministry called Thrive Moms (Empowering imperfect moms with God's perfect grace), as they help celebrate families who are brought together through adoption. If you don't follow Thrive Moms, you should! A version of this post was shared on their site this week and I'm so excited to see if that leads to any more connections with adoptive families! 

Our little adoptive family. Special thanks to  Kandace Photography  for catching some great moments at the pumpkin patch with Baby Girl. 

Our little adoptive family. Special thanks to Kandace Photography for catching some great moments at the pumpkin patch with Baby Girl. 

As I've mentioned before, after a few years of trying for a biological child, my husband and I went to our first (and only) infertility appointment. It was at this time that God made it very clear to us, through a very insensitive and callous doctor, that He was steering us towards adoption. So I guess in a strange way, I owe that doctor a thank you. Haha. 

But if I'm totally honest, at that point in our journey to grow our family I was starting to feel a little desperate. My expectations for where I would be at that point in my life did not include being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in my early twenties AND unable to get pregnant before I was 30. It was a rough go. But God had some amazing, hard, beautiful, and painful truths in store for us.

It wasn’t until a few Sundays ago that my husband and I really felt like we were able to articulate these truths and how they related to our understanding of the gospel. We were at our young families group at church and our table question was about worry - did we really trust God enough to not worry. An oldie but a goodie for us life-time church goers. But this time we had a different perspective. Here's what we realized.

We all know God tells us not to worry (Matthew 6:31) but he does not tell us this because he promises to take care of our every wish and desire. He never promises that we’ll have a good job, a happy family, or perfect health, all things that we regularly worry about and ask for in our prayers (although we are certainly called to pray for these things and God often blesses our lives by answering our prayers). What he does promise is that he’s already taken care of something much more important - our salvation. Sort of puts things in perspective, right? His promises are so deep and essential. He promises that we are his children and that we are part of his plan to redeem and restore his world.

When we were a waiting family I worried because my identity was wrapped in us becoming parents. I forgot that we had already been adopted ourselves into the family of God and that is enough. It’s always enough. And I can now see that this lesson was so important for me since getting matched only scratched the surface of our adoption journey and we would need to draw close to God more than ever for what was in store.