The Boots (AKA: The day our child's birth mom went into labor!)

I know, weird title. But I can't write about this day without mentioning the boots. They will come into play a little later in the post. Have you been keeping up with the story? If not, I recommend starting at the beginning HERE

We left off with our social worker letting us know that if we still wanted to move forward with our match with Emily then we would be entering into a high risk adoption because Emily would not be able to sign relinquishment papers for a few months. I neglected to mention another important important facet of this situation in my last post - Emily's point of view in all this. 

With Emily not being able to sign, there would not be any closure for her. Think about it, she's already making the most difficult and sacrificial decision ever and now she isn't able to officially make that decision for an unknown amount of time. Emily would just be sitting in limbo, thinking about the adoption plan every day and maybe wondering what it would be like if she were to parent instead. 

Even with all this on our minds, all three of us were still ready to move forward and on Sunday morning of March 1, 2015 our phone rang. I answered and it was Emily and she said, "Are you ready to be parents!? 'Cause I'm in labor." Now imagine me being calm on the phone but waving wildly at Sheldon with a huge smile on my face. She told me that they were on their way to the hospital and she would call to update us once they got checked in, in case it would still be a long time. 

After I hung up Sheldon and I just kind of stared at each other for a second and then burst with excitement. It was morning and we hadn't gotten ready for the day yet so we frantically got dressed. The hospital was about a 1 hour drive so we thought we should head over soon just in case. My sister, Kandace, had graciously agreed to come take photos at the hospital so I called her as well and said I would be in touch once I knew more. 

The boots, which in retrospect were totally unnecessary because you can't see them in any of the photos we took. 

The boots, which in retrospect were totally unnecessary because you can't see them in any of the photos we took. 

Knowing that there would be photos, I of course wanted to look on point. Enter the ankle boots. I put them on as the final touch to my outfit. The outfit I would be wearing as we welcomed our child into the world - no pressure. We hopped in the car with plans to stop at Target and In-n-Out on our way - just to kill time. 

When we were still about 30 minutes out, Sheldon's cell phone rang and I answered. It was one of Emily's case workers who was also part of her birthing team. She asked me how far we were because it was looking like the baby was coming ANY MINUTE. What?! Turns out the reason that Emily hadn't called us back yet was because she was already so far along when they got to the hospital that she hadn't had time. I told the case worker how far we were and she said we might not make it in time. I felt a little panicked, but surprisingly not as much as Sheldon did. He was NOT going to miss the birth of our baby. So he drove faster (I won't say how fast) and got us to the hospital in record time. 

There is a large parking garage at the hospital and it took a little time to find a spot. Sheldon jumped out of the car and basically started running to the entrance and because of my adorable (albeit impractical) ankle boots, I couldn't keep up with him. He looked at me and said something like "Seriously? We are gonna miss the birth of our baby because of your boots! Why did you even wear those? Who are you trying to impress, the baby?" 

We both laughed, grabbed hands and went as fast as I could go through the entrance.