Adoption is amazing - and hard. We're here to make it a little easier by creating beautiful & authentic family profiles for you.

Photography courtesy of Kandace Photography (she's the best!)


Family profiles

We know how stressful the adoption process can be - we've been there! One of the hardest parts can be creating your family profile. You want it to be unique and perfect but maybe you don't know where to start. That's where Love Makes comes in. MORE


A professional cover photo is just the thing to help your family profile stand out from the rest. Love Makes works with an exceptional local photographer to get you the best possible cover shot. Plus, Kandace Photography offers a special rate just for LM clients! MORE


I started Love Makes because I love adoption and design. My husband and I adopted our daughter and her amazing birth mom chose us solely on our profile! She knew from our family profile that we were the right forever family for her child. Check out the blog for more about our journey. MORE


Browse a few of the profiles made by Love Makes…

I strive to put a little love into every profile I make by capturing each family’s style and personalities so that when it reaches the hands of the right expectant parent(s), they have an authentic, genuine, profile that they can connect with.


Michael + Amanda

A warm, simple profile design.


mark + ashley

They had this amazing cover art made!


Luke + Morgan

Fun, single page profile design.


Tim + Anna

Light, fun, and energetic!


Steve + kathleen

My favorite font combo!


Brandon + MIchelle

Energetic, engaging, and fun family!


Lindsey + Tyler

Clean, simple, and welcoming.


Jason + heather

Wonderful photos and a unique style.


Joleen + Todd

Sweet, calm, and unique style.

Love Makes takes the stress out of making your family profile.


A good profile needs three key ingredients:

  1. Quality Photographs (and lots of them!)
    Once you're ready to get started, we will set up a way to share photos (usually on Google Drive). If you don't have a recent professional photo then we recommend getting one. If you're local (San Francisco Bay Area), we work with a great photographer who does special mini-shoots just for us. 
  2. Concise & Engaging Content (think less is more)
    Next we will work on the written content of your book. We know it can be hard to write about ourselves, so Love Makes has a simple questionnaire for you to complete and we will compile your content based on your answers.  
  3. Personality! (displaying your family's uniqueness)
    For this step, we want to find design elements and styles that best represent your family. Are you classic, modern, vintage, or something else entirely? Whatever your style, we will find a design to match.

Once we have the information from those three steps, we can begin designing your custom profile. A first draft usually takes about 10-15 business days to complete. At that time, you'll receive a copy of your first draft to review and edit. Once all your edits are completed and you're happy with your profile, we can order them.

For more information about how it works and pricing visit our services page.    




Adoption family profiles

While I would love to help you start-to-finish with your family profile, I know that some of you want to make your profile yourselves. Maybe you just need a little guidance or someone to consult with. Love Makes can help with that too! Take a look at my services below and find one that works for you. I am happy to follow the requirements of your agency in creating your profile. 

Are you working with Quiver Full?! If so, let me know to receive a discount!

Semi-Custom Family Profile  |  Starting at $500
Save time & money with this new option! With my semi-custom option, you can select from a few templates, color schemes, and font options that I will provide. From there, you'll just need to provide your photos and written content–which is even easier since you'll know exactly how many photos and how much writing fits on each page. Price includes: basic content coaching, 2 hours edit time, a digital .pdf copy, 10 8.5x11 softcover printed copies OR 2 8x10 hardcover printed copies, and shipping. 

Complete Custom Family Profile  |  Starting at $800
This package includes booklet design up to 20 pages, written content assistance and coaching, 3 hours edit time, a digital .pdf copy, 10 8.5x11 softcover printed copies OR 2 8x10 hardcover printed copies and shipping. Prices may vary depending on number of pages, special design elements, size of book (if other than 8.5 x 11), and any additional rounds of edits.  GET STARTED

InDesign Templates  |  $200
Have some experience with inDesign? Then this option is perfect for you! Select from 12+ templates I have available and you'll receive a packaged file with the layout for text and photos, the fonts, colors, and graphic elements. You will also get access to sample opening letters and my written content prompts document to help you write your content. GET STARTED

Don't see what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us - we would love to help any way we can. 

Hello & thanks for stopping by!

Dani Dance
Owner of Love Makes

First things first - yes, that is really my name and no, I can't dance. :) I received the last name when I married my amazing husband about six years ago. I've never been able to dance but that only became a problem when my last name changed. 

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I love it here! Not only are there great things to do and see, but having grown up here is also a guarantee that I will run into someone I know wherever I go. 

I have a degree in Art with an emphasis on Art History and have always loved design. I had the opportunity to learn and practice graphic design during a job I had at my church and went on to be the Communications Director at another local church. At that job I was able to continue to work in marketing, communications, and design on a larger scale. 

When my husband and I began our adoption journey (read more about that on my BLOG), I wanted to make our family profile book myself. After seeing our profile, our birth mom told our social worker that we were THE FAMILY for her child - that she couldn't wait to meet us and didn't want to see any other profiles because she was sure it was us! In March of 2015 our adorable daughter joined our family. And in June of 2017, we welcomed our second daughter (biological).

How long does the process take?

For the most part, that is totally up to you!

I will start working on your draft after you’ve uploaded your photos and written content (don’t worry - I provide instructions and coaching for those parts!). Some families get this all done in a week or less and others take up to a month. It just depends how quickly you want to move.

A draft for a semi-custom profile takes me 5-7 business days.

A draft for a custom profile takes me 10-12 business days.

At that point, I will provide instructions for requesting edits and we will work back and forth until it’s perfect! Once you approve your final draft, printing and shipping takes about 6 to 8 business days.

What does the semi-custom option mean?

My semi-custom option means that we will start with a template you select. You also get to select the fonts, colors, and graphic elements you want to use.

I call it ‘semi-custom’ because once I have your unique photos and written content, I will make adjustments to the layout if needed.

Does it matter what agency we're using?

Nope! I have made profiles for families working with many different agencies, consultants, and lawyers. I am happy to follow their requirements and guidelines as needed.

A few I have worked with:

  • Quiver Full

  • Faithful Adoption Consultants

  • Christian Adoption Consultants

  • AdoptHelp

  • Bethany Christian Services

  • and more!

Yes - but I will coach you!

The writing is usually the most difficult part for people - it’s hard to write about ourselves! The reason I do not offer to write your content for you is because I have found that the only way to capture your voice is to have you write it yourself. No one knows you better than you! And even though it may be hard to get through this step, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that as expectant parents read your profile, they are seeing the real, authentic you. And they are hearing your ‘voice’ come out in your writing.

After we met our daughter’s birth mom for the first time she told us we were exactly what she expected after reading our profile. This was so affirming to use because it meant we had done a good and accurate job representing ourselves and it made all of us confident to move forward together in an adoption plan. This is my hope for you as well! And the best way to have that happen is to write it yourself. But don’t panic! I’m here to help and I provide a coaching call, editing and suggestions, and general support as needed.

Do we have to write the content ourselves?