Adoption family profiles

While I would love to help you start-to-finish with your family profile, I know that some of you want to make your profile yourselves. Maybe you just need a little guidance or someone to consult with. Love Makes can help with that too! Take a look at my services below and find one that works for you. I am happy to follow the requirements of your agency in creating your profile. 

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Semi-Custom Family Profile  |  Starting at $500
Save time & money with this new option! With my semi-custom option, you can select from a few templates, color schemes, and font options that I will provide. From there, you'll just need to provide your photos and written content–which is even easier since you'll know exactly how many photos and how much writing fits on each page. Price includes: basic content coaching, 2 hours edit time, a digital .pdf copy, 15 8.5x11 softcover printed copies OR 3 8x10 hardcover printed copies, and shipping. 

Complete Custom Family Profile  |  Starting at $800
This package includes booklet design up to 20 pages, written content assistance and coaching, 3 hours edit time, a digital .pdf copy, 15 8.5x11 softcover printed copies OR 3 8x10 hardcover printed copies and shipping. Prices may vary depending on number of pages, special design elements, size of book (if other than 8.5 x 11), and any additional rounds of edits.  GET STARTED

InDesign Templates  |  $220
Have some experience with inDesign? Then this option is perfect for you! Select from 12+ templates I have available and you'll receive a packaged file with the layout for text and photos, the fonts, colors, and graphic elements. You will also get access to sample opening letters and my written content prompts document to help you write your content. GET STARTED

Don't see what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us - we would love to help any way we can.