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Dani Dance
Owner of Love Makes

First things first - yes, that is really my name and no, I can't dance. :) I received the last name when I married my amazing husband about six years ago. I've never been able to dance but that only became a problem when my last name changed. 

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I love it here! Not only are there great things to do and see, but having grown up here is also a guarantee that I will run into someone I know wherever I go. 

I have a degree in Art with an emphasis on Art History and have always loved design. I had the opportunity to learn and practice graphic design during a job I had at my church and went on to be the Communications Director at another local church. At that job I was able to continue to work in marketing, communications, and design on a larger scale. 

When my husband and I began our adoption journey (read more about that on my BLOG), I wanted to make our family profile book myself. After seeing our profile, our birth mom told our social worker that we were THE FAMILY for her child - that she couldn't wait to meet us and didn't want to see any other profiles because she was sure it was us! In March of 2015 our adorable daughter joined our family. And in June of 2017, we welcomed our second daughter (biological).